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Watch Roll - Distorted Hide

Watch Roll - Distorted Hide

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Our unique and stylish distorted hide watch roll is the perfect accessory for any watch enthusiast. Distorted hide, also known as embossed or printed leather, is created by applying pressure to the surface of the leather, creating a eye-catching pattern.

This unique pattern and luxurious feel makes our distorted hide watch roll a truly one-of-a-kind accessory. Shop now and protect your timepieces in style.


Seats three watches.
Alcantara internal.
Clip in watch pillows for easy access.

Hand made and hand finished. Each watch roll is completely unique and no two products are the same!


Length: 270mm.
Height: 75mm.
Width: 100mm.

Care Instructions

Leather is a strong and versatile material that can improve with age if properly cared for. To keep your leather watch roll in good condition, follow these care tips:

- Protect the roll from water: Water can damage leather, causing it to stain, discolour, or deteriorate prematurely. If the roll gets wet, gently brush off the water and allow it to air dry naturally. Avoid using a hair dryer to speed up the drying process. You can also apply a high-quality leather wax, balm, or oil to the roll for added protection and to keep the leather conditioned. However, do not use a leather protector spray on vegetable-tanned leathers, as these products are not suitable for this type of leather.

- Keep the roll clean: To clean the roll, wipe it down with a soft cloth or a very soft brush. If the roll is suede or nubuck, use a suede brush or eraser to gently remove dirt. If the roll is heavily soiled, you can use a minimal amount of water and gentle soap to clean it. Rub the soap into the leather using tapping movements and light pressure, and avoid aggressively rubbing the leather back and forth. Be sure to let the roll dry completely before applying a leather conditioner or protective coating.

- Condition the roll regularly: To keep the leather soft and protected, apply a suitable leather conditioner or protective coating to the roll on a regular basis. Avoid using heavy treatments like mink oil, as these can darken the colour of the leather.

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